Friday, December 16, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas Party

Last weekend's US-NATO Christmas Party was a huge success due to the outstanding company, delicious buffets, open bar, and rockin' jams to dance to at the end of the night. I am so glad we decided to attend, even though we had visitors that had just arrived from Texas earlier in the day. After keeping them up all day long, we felt okay about leaving them to crash early for the night while we got some party time with some of our closest friends. December is usually such a busy month with holiday parties, activities, travels, and everyone going in different directions. I'm grateful for this night of quality fun we had before Jon and I return to Texas for the holidays. 

Our table of ladies with Santa

Jon decked out in his pirate tie and suspenders

Paris Ladies Pic

"Let's see if we can all look in difference directions. Brian, what are you staring at?"
 A very merry Christmas party, indeed! Can't wait for more holiday gatherings this weekend before we board a plane to Texas on Monday.... woo hoo!