Friday, July 1, 2011

A Tea Party in the Orchard

I had the honor of helping to host my friend, Hoaly's, baby shower two weeks ago. She shared with me that she wanted to have a "High Tea" as her theme with close friends, and when I offered the idea to have tea in our orchard, she jumped at the chance. I had so much fun looking for tea cups and tea pots at second hand stores, and it was the perfect opportunity for me to acquire a very girly tea set  I'd been wanting from Dutch designers, PiP Studio.

High Tea in the Orchard Honoring Hoaly

I also had the opportunity to make a diaper cake with my fellow hostess, Julie. Needless to say it was a first for us both, two very non-crafty people, but we still managed to put it together with tape and string instead of rubber bands (who keeps that many rubber bands on hand anyway?). As the day for the shower got close, we realized that we could possibly not only be having a baby shower in the orchard, but also some intermittent rain showers. We decided to take the risk and set everything up outside anyway as there were very optimistic pockets of sunshine. Hoaly arrived a little early, thankfully, and was able to take some pics outside of the set-up while the sun was shining. Unfortunately, I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off with the final preparations and was unable to snap any pictures. The beautiful pics in this blog are credited to Hoaly's gifted husband, Nigel, and our should-be-professional friend, Liz.

Entrance to the Orchard

Sweets Table
Table complete with name cards

We also had a chandelier and pink balloons hanging from the trees to add a whimsical touch

At the strike of noon, the beginning of the shower, the rain came. We decided to eat our lunch inside and when the rain started to clear, we headed down to the orchard for tea and desserts. The table was soaked and we had to sit on towels, but it was still lovely. 

Soaked table

Soaked table and name cards

Baby Shower Guests

We played baby games and started to open gifts when the sky turned grey once more and rain started to drop. We finished the presents inside and although everyone had to do a bit of running back and forth, it was a successful tea party in the orchard. I hope to make this an annual event now that I have all the decor and tea sets ready to go. I had so much fun being a hostess and was thrilled to be able to honor Hoaly in this momentous time in her life. 

Hoaly playing the game "pin the sperm on the egg"