Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family, the "Big Easy," and Back Again

Despite a mostly dreary and unexciting February hangin’ at home (apart from Carnevale celebrations), I spent the last week of the month back in the good ole USofA to attend a friend’s wedding in New Orleans. As I had to transit through Dallas, I was able to spend two days catching up with Mandy and Laurel (who took a day off work to hang out) and was even able to attend my great aunt’s 85th birthday celebration. It was wonderful to be a part of this event and be able to see my cousins as well, as I feel I miss so many of these occasions living abroad.
After two glorious days in Dallas and lots of much needed sister time, I boarded a plane bright and early to New Orleans. This was only my second time there and I enjoyed exploring Uptown and the beautiful mansions on Charles Avenue during the morning. That afternoon I was able to hook up with Elizabeth, the Bride and my former roommate at Baylor, to help her run some errands and get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. I loved being reunited with my Baylor friends, Crystal, Leslie, Angie and their husbands. This is the third wedding in one year we’ve been able to reunite at and it’s been wonderful to spend so much time with these ladies as we’ve been spread out all over the country post-college.

The wedding festivities were all so much fun and one thing is for certain, Louisiana people really know how to party! After the wedding, the gang all went to Bourbon Street where we fested ‘til the early morning hours. I got one hour of sleep before hopping a plane on Sunday morning back to Dallas where Charm was waiting for me. She was so sweet to drive all the way there to pick me up, have lunch with our dear friends, Judy and Claudia, and then turn around to drive back to Bryan. I loved being able to spend three nights at home, in my old bed and be able to stuff myself with TONS of Mexican food.

Although it was wonderful to be back in Texas with family and longtime friends, my goal is to begin to make Sittard, the Netherlands my new home by meeting more friends and becoming more involved. It can be difficult to be ping ponged back and forth between these two extreme lives of stability and ease and adventure and complexity. I am so grateful for the many opportunities I do have to take part in these important occasions back home all the while still being able to live a wonderful life abroad. I enjoyed every minute with all that I was able to spend time with and thank you for the effort you all made to make this happen!